Depending on public-health guidelines related to COVID-19, plans for a residential offering are subject to change.
More information regarding the dates and any other changes we might need to make to facilitate the postponement should be available in the fall of 2021.

University of Pittsburgh


The Homestead Steel Strike and the Growth of America as an Industrial Power is an NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture workshop for K-12 educators, museum educators, and librarians that will be hosted in Pittsburgh July 10-16, 2022 and July 17-23, 2022.

Presented by the Archives & Special Collections Department at the University of Pittsburgh Library System and Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area, the goal of The Homestead Steel Strike and the Growth of America as an Industrial Power is to provide teachers with a full accounting of the circumstances that led to the Battle of Homestead and what its lasting impact has been in the United States. This program will provide a framework for participants to immerse themselves in the battle from both sides by examining primary sources related to Carnegie and Frick’s business practices, worker conditions, the direct aftermath of the battle, and what came in later years as U.S. business took stock of the relationship between management and labor. The availability of pertinent online resources through the University of Pittsburgh’s Library System will ensure that teachers will be able to bring home to their schools what they have discovered.

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